By slipstream/RoL.


CleanMyPC "is more than a PC cleaner — it’s an essential tool that cares for your computer".

An issue in CleanMyPC, versions and below, can be exploited by a local attacker to read from and write to any file on the system with SYSTEM privileges. This can lead to local privilege escalation.


CleanMyPC bundles a service, named CleanMyPCService which exposes various WCF services as named pipes.

One of the services exposed is CmpDataFilesService which exposes two methods: byte[] GetCleanMyPCDataFileContent(string fileName) which returns the content of fileName, read as SYSTEM, and void SaveCleanMyPCDataFileContent(string fileName, byte[] content) which writes content to fileName, again as SYSTEM.

Both methods try to work with a specific relative path; GetCleanMyPCDataFileContent if the file exists in that relative path (but this is always false if you pass an absolute path); and SaveCleanMyPCDataFileContent if the write failed with the path that was passed to it.

A PoC is available: climbmypc.cs attempts to use this issue to copy between two passed file locations as SYSTEM.

Affected Versions

Version and below.


Uninstallation of this software will prevent exploitation of the issue. The researchers cannot sanction any mitigations except to remove this software definitively from any affected devices.


Thanks to Techdirt for their accidental promotion of CleanMyPC. Without it, I probably wouldn't have found the software to audit it.